RoboCop 3.0

RoboCop equipment includes:

Weapons and Armors

RoboCop primarily used two weapons, an NI-408 and an M2 Battle Rifle. The NI-408 was held in his right hand, while the M2 was held in his left. When RoboCop felt threatened, his M2 would extend from his left leg. His NI-408 could also deploy in the same fashion. RoboCop also briefly used an MP7A1 instead of his M2 when fighting Antoine Vallon's men. RoboCop used two different armors - a silver one and a black one. Both armors featured a visor which flipped down when RoboCop felt threatened. The silver RoboCop 1.0 armor is a silver color and is worn by RoboCop when he is first activated. After the 3.0 suit is heavily damaged, RoboCop wore the 1.0 suit with a DPD logo on his left chest. The black RoboCop 3.0 suit is used at the demand of Raymond Sellars. It becomes heavily damaged after RoboCop fights Antoine Vallon's criminals and even becomes even more damaged after he fights OmniCorp's soldiers and ED-209s. After killing Sellars, the damage included a missing arm, a broken visor and a large hole on the right side of his chest. His 3.0 suit was later replaced with the 1.0, likely due to the heavy damage.


Superhuman strength: RoboCop's bionic/cybernetic replacments give him a vast amount of strength, much stronger than a human's. Superhuman leaping: Robocop can leap great distances due to the strength of his cybernetic legs. Superhuman durability: RoboCop's cyborg replacments are made with an high tech armor that is resistant up to .50 caliber. Superhuman speed: RoboCop's bionic replacements make him much faster than humans. Enhanced reflexes: RoboCop is faster due to the quantum processor in his brain. Tracking: RoboCop can track unencrypted handphone signals.

Body Structure

RoboCop's body, while incorporating portions of Alex Murphy's living tissue, is largely electronic and mechanical. This interior structure is protected by an armored shell composed of "titanium laminated with kevlar" making RoboCop incredibly resilient against both bombs and bullets, as well as extreme impacts such as being hit by cars and falling off skyscrapers. As demonstrated in RoboCop, the body armor can sustain thousands of armor-piercing rounds before damage begins to appear on the armor itself. It is also highly resistant to heat, as in RoboCop, he was unaffected after being caught in a gas station explosion and in RoboCop 3 when he was briefly set aflame. His visor is made of the same material and a black strip of bulletproof anti-fog glass which protects the cranium apparatus and eyes. The visor also has an undercloth of Kevlar which protects the neck and covers up any wires etc. It should also be noted that the visor conceals most of Alex Murphy's face inside it. The visor is attached with screws. When the visor is removed only the front of Murphy's face, from the top of the neck up, is exposed; the back of his head is entirely mechanical.

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